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The following major projects were completed in this decade:

2000-Care Center Addition, Exira, IA, Myrtue Memorial Hospital Remodel, Harlan, IA, New YMCA, Red Oak, IA

2001-Pella Factory Addition, Shenandoah, IA, School Remodels and Additions, Corning, Red Oak and Adair, IA, New Schools, Villisca and Red Oak, IA

2002-New School, Shenandoah, IA, School Renovation and Addition, Red Oak, Bedford and Atlantic, IA, KFC/Taco Bell, Atlantic, IA

2003-Akin Building Center, Creston, IA, Glenwood State Hospital School Renovation, Glenwood, IA, School Additions, Coon Rapids, Glidden, IA

2004-New YMCA Atlantic, IA, School Remodels and Additions, Tabor, Afton, Creston, IA, New School, Creston, IA

2005-Heritage House Remodel, Atlantic, IA, Myrtue Memorial Hospital Addition and Remodel, Harlan, IA, New School, Lenox, IA

2006-Stuart Memorial Hospital Addition, Lake City, IA, Library, Adel, IA, Montgomery County History Center, Red Oak, IA, SWCC Dorms and Nurses Center, Creston, IA

2007-School Remodels, Audubon, Shenandoah, IA, Mercy Hospital Remodel, Corning, IA, Water Treatment Plant, Clarinda, IA

2008-Dallas County Courthouse Renovation, Adel, IA, SWCC Remodel, Red Oak, IA, Red Coach/Best Western Motel, Red Oak, IA

2009-School Remodels/Renovations, Westside, Redfield, Griswold and Atlantic, IA, Wilson Performing Arts Center, Red Oak, IA, IWCC New Construction, Harlan, IA